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DYE HARD Fun Run Events - Let us raise money for your school, charity or sporting group. 
Email me today on info@dyehardfunrun.com.au or phone 0439845513.




Everybody is required to check in, and you will receive your bib and any t-shirts or merchandise you have ordered. It is essential that bibs must be worn during the event. You will need to bring your ID or printed email confirmation, or copy of your ticket on your phone.

Dates and times for Check in are generally the day prior to the event and then on the day just prior to kick off.  Look out for the Dye Hard Marquee.

It is strongly advised that wherever possible you check in the day prior, to avoid long queues on the day prior to the kick-off.
You are able to check in for other team members or family - if possible please bring a printout of their confirmation.  

You are able to purchase official event Shirts online during the registration process.  If you did no order at the time, whilst you are not able to go back and make a further purchase, we will also have extra t-shirts, bands and Dye Hard Merchandise available for purchase at our check in area including drink bottles, caps, colourful sunglasses and stickers - prices may vary slightly at check in from the online price.  

It is advisable to get there by at least 9.30 to get warmed up with some Zumba moves and music, while the fun starts. The event will commence at 10.00am from our starting point. Everybody will start together and we will ensure you are spread out on the track to avoid congestion. You will be able to start with your friends and family just by assembling together prior to the start. Please listen out for instructions by our MC on the microphone

You will need to arrive around 5.30-6.00 to be ready for our warm up and pre-event entertainment.

What to bring:
Water bottles (there will be a water station but extra water is a good idea) especially in the hotter weather.
Some people like to wear sunglasses to prevent dye getting in their eyes. Whilst the dye is completely safe, some find minor discomfort with the corn starch in their eyes

Dress up!!! There will be prizes for the best outfits, including the best dressed team, the craziest dressed etc.
Bring your best dance moves! There will be music by our DJ, and Zumba . Its going to be fun fun fun!!!!
It would be a good idea to bring a towel or garbage bag to sit on in the car on your way home.

What NOT to bring Please do NOT bring scooters or bikes - for the safety of others. Dogs or any other pets will not be permitted so please leave them at home.  

When you cross the finish line you will receive your sachet to use in the colour throws. Please don't open your packet until you are taking part in the colour throw, as this will add the maximum amount of colour to the throw.  There will be multiple colour throws so if you see one starting and you haven't completed the course yet, do not fear there will be others to follow and you will not miss out!
Get your phones and cameras ready for the colour throw! A fantastic photo opportunity!  
There will be extra packets available to purchase if you want to participate in more group throws.

There will be a bag drop area, where you can leave your gear while you are participating. Bag drop is a gold coin donation, with all proceeds going to our chosen charity partner for the event (check out the event page for the relevant partner).

All registrations must be made online.  Online registrations will close off usually the night before the first check in.  Tickets do sell out, and we will only have on the day registrations if we are not fully sold.  So if you don't want to miss out, get in before it is too late. The earlier you register the cheaper the tickets will be.


What is included?
Your Entry Fee includes participation in the Dye Hard Fun Run, entry bib, a sachet of coloured powder (or UV Colour Packet for the Glow Hard night events) to use in the colour throws at the end. Awesome warmups, dancing, and a DJ.  Loads of prizes and a party at the finish line to celebrate!

Just do it. 
These events are truly selfie heaven. Come along and support your local event and make the difference and have fun at the same time. 
How does it work?
You will travel along an approximate 5km course and along the way passing through masses of colour throughout the course at a number of colour chutes. We blow it in the air, spray or squirt it from bottles creating a rainbow of colour for you to walk, jog or stroll through. There will be multiple Chutes and at the finish, get ready with your own colour sachet, or purchase extra and let the party start!
What are the colour throws?
After you cross the finish line and join in the party atmosphere, all finishers will group together and every 10 minutes or so there will be a mass colour throw!  You will receive your own included colour packet which you should hang onto until the MC counts down for the colour throw.  Get ready for LOTS of colour and brilliant photo opportunities.
How fit do I need to be?
The Dye Hard Fun Run is suitable for all levels of fitness. You can walk or run, whatever you feel comfortable with. You just need to be able to have fun, dance and party! There is no time limit and the event is not timed.
Can I bring my pet?
Sorry, no pets are allowed.
Can my kids ride a scooter or bike?
No, sorry, no bikes or scooters are permitted. However, strollers and prams are OK.
What do I wear?
When you check in you can pick up your printed Dye Hard Fun Run T-shirt, if you ordered online. We try to ensure all participants wear as much white as possible. This ensures that all runners will look like rainbows at the end of the race! If you don't have all white clothing don't worry, as long as you have a white t-shirt you will be fine. The colour will wash out of your clothes, but we still don't recommend wearing your Sunday Best! As this is a fun day many of our participants dress up, so feel free to be creative and go a little crazy with your outfits!
Are the colours safe?
Absolutely. Our vibrant colours are made up of Corn starch and FD&C and/or D&C colours. They are approved for use in foods, cosmetics and/or drugs. These products are not considered hazardous, 29CFS 1910-1200.
What if the powder gets in our eyes?
We like to encourage our participants to wear glasses or sunglasses, however the colour is non-toxic. A simple rinse with water will take care of any that finds its way into your eyes.
Will the colour wash off skin/out of hair?
Yes! The easiest way to get it off is while it's still dry (shake, wiggle, jump up and down, vacuum). After that, soap and water with a little rinse and repeat action will do the trick.
What about my car on the way home?
The powder should not badly affect the inside of a car, but we would advise you to bring a towel or garbage bag to sit on in your car just to make sure.
What will be at the finish line?
Music, dancing, market stalls and a big colour throw, where you get to throw your own sachet at your friends and family. There will be colour throws every 10-15 minutes or so as the finishers come in.
Is there a bag drop?
Yes, there will be a bag drop. It will be a gold coin donation, which will go towards the nominated charity of the event.
Can I register on the day?
If the event is sold out, there will be NO registrations. If the event is not sold out, then yes!
Are t-shirts sold on the day?
We will have a limited number of T-Shirts and other merchandise for sale, but to be sure you get one and in your preferred size, it is best to order at the time of entering. 
Can I transfer my entry?
If you are unable to run you may transfer your registration up until 3 days prior to the event. You can do this by logging into your account that was created during your registration. There is a link to your account on the confirmation email that is sent at time of registering.  When you log in you will just need to edit the name of the person the ticket is for and that will transfer.  It is up to you to sort out the payment between yourselves.

Sorry, there are no refunds if you are no longer able to participate.
How do I register?
All entries are online. Visit our ENTER NOW page and click on the link to your event.
Can I create/join a team?
Yes! During registration you will have the option of creating your own team or joining an existing team.

Please contact us if you have any further questions

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