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DYE HARD Fun Run Events - Let us raise money for your school, charity or sporting group. 
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Saturday 11th November 2017 -

Bringing FUN, COLOURFUL events to regional areas.

Laugh, dance and run your way to a fun filled event! Add some colour, bring your friends and family and enjoy the beautiful Australian outdoors.

The Dye Hard Fun Runs are approximate 5km courses suitable for all levels of fitness. You can walk or run, whatever you feel comfortable with as there is no time limit and the event is not timed. You just need to be able to have fun, dance and party! Whenever you reach the finish line, there will be music, dancing, a big colour throw, where you get to throw your own sachet at your friends and family! There will be colour throws every 10-15 minutes or so as the finishers come in.


It is a great idea to try to wear as much white as possible. This ensures that all runners will look like rainbows at the end of the race!  You will have the option to purchase your own Dye Hard Fun Run branded T-shirt when you register online and will be able to collect this when you check in for your event.  Don't worry if you miss out on purchasing online, as we will have some available for sale at check in.

If you don't have all white clothing don't worry, as long as you have a white t-shirt you will be fine. The colour will wash out of your clothes, but we still don't recommend wearing your Sunday best! As this is a fun day many of our participants dress up, so feel free to be creative and go a little crazy with your outfits!
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